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Conference Topics:
1- Wetlands Biodiversity

• biodiversity of aquatic habitats and wetland s wildlife
• the status of endangered species in wetlands
the role of human activities and  Invasive species in threatening wetlands
• dynamics and ecological scope of wetlands

2- process and functions of wetlands
•Economic valuation of assessment of environmental damages to wetlands
•The role of Ecotourism in the management of wetlands
• The role of wetlands in meteorological mitigation and reducing fine dusts

• Climate change and wetlands
• The reciprocity of wetlands and human health

3-Water quality,pollution,rehabilitation and of wetlands engineering
•Measures of rehabilitation and application of state of the art technologies in conservation and restoration of wetlands
•The role of wetlands in reducing and controlling environmental pollution
•Modeling and wetlands engineering
•management of wetlands watersheds
•Wetland s Water Quality Index

4-laws,regulations and wetland Management

•The role of governmental,non-governmental and agencies in management and restoration of wetlands
•optimal exploitation of protecting the water rights of wetlands

• Application of Geographical Information System (GIS)and remote sensing in the assessment,management and monitoring of wetlands
•Environmental regulation,conservation and management of wetlands